Driving Instructor Earnings And Salary

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Most driving instructors will earn between £25k and £35k per year. The amount of money that you make as a driving instructor will depend on a number of different variables.

In basic terms, driving instructor earnings will be determined by how many hours you work and how much you charge per hour. For example, if you take an average working week of 40 hours, and charge £20 per hour, your revenue for the week will be £800.   This will give you an annual revenue of £41,600. However, don’t forget that you will have to deduct petrol costs, insurance costs, and any franchise fees owed from this amount. For most driving instructors, petrol and other costs should not amount to more than £10,000 per year, so you can see that an annual salary of over £30,000 is very attainable.

The flexibility that comes with being your own boss means that you are free to take on work as you see fit, so if you are willing to work more hours, it is possible to increase your income beyond the £30,000 mark.   Conversely, you can lower your working hours if you prefer a less hectic lifestyle – this is an option that is very popular amongst retirees who are looking for a career that they can do part time, leaving them lots of free time to enjoy life.

Other Things That Can Affect A Driving Instructors Earnings

Other things to keep in mind are geographical area, franchise fees, and competition.

Geographical area: If you are living out in the countryside, the distance you will need to travel to pick up clients will be much greater. This travel time will eat into your earnings time, as you are only getting paid for the time you are teaching. You also have to keep in mind how many potential clients there are in your area, and how much the market rate for driving lessons is. Be sure to base yourself in an area where you have access to as many potential clients as possible, but being based in a more remote area can also have advantages if there is minimal competition. The key is to do your research.

Franchise fees: You can read more about this in the driving instructor franchise section. Fees can be as much as £200 to £300 per week, however the main advantage of being part of a franchise is that your customers are provided by the franchise operator. People tend to trust well known driving instructor schools far more than they do independent and unknown instructors, and you gain instant credibility. Everything is taken care of for you, so you don’t need to fight for your own customers. Although you have to pay a fee, you are actually more likely to make far more money than if you operated independently, particularly if you are just starting out. You will also be provided with a new branded car every 6 months or so.

Competition: Before deciding where to base yourself, you should check out the competition. If the hourly rate has been pushed down, and there are too many instructors and too few students, then you should look for another area. Demand for driving instructors is at an all time high, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a suitable location.

Build You Salary By Setting Up Your Own Driving School

Of course with your newfound skills, the sky is the limit. You can branch out and set up your own driving school, and employ other instructors. Many people have set up profitable stable businesses like this, and if you follow this route, your potential income is unlimited, and will be determined only by how successful you are. Many people choose to do this after being established in a certain area for some time. They know the area and demographics well, and are well place to build and expand a successful driving school.

To get full details about a driving instructors salary, and to find out more about how to become a driving instructor, just fill in the form on the left.


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